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Whatsapp Video Status Download  For Ganesh Chaturthi which is one of Hindu festivals ' most famous. It's Lord Ganesha's birthday. Lord Ganesha's most sacred day. It falls on the fourth day of Bhadrapada's bright fortnight (August-September). It is noted in all areas of the globe throughout India, as well as by dedicated Hindus.

The Deity's Clay figures are produced and thrown into the water after being worshipped for two days, or in some instances ten days.

Whatsapp Status Video Download Ganesh Chaturthi

Lord Ganesha Whatsapp Videos Status Download is the god of the elephant. First, in any prayer, he is revered. Before any auspicious job is started, His Names are repeated before any kind of worship is started. He is the Lord of wisdom and authority. He is Lord Shiva's eldest son and Skanda's or Kartikeya's elder sister. He is Lord Shiva's power, so he's called Shankar's and Umadevi's son. By worshipping mothers of Lord Ganesha hope to earn Ganesha's sterling virtues for their sons.

The following tale is told about His birth and how He came to have an elephant's head: Once upon a moment, the Goddess Gauri (Lord Shiva's consort), while bathing, formed Ganesha out of Her Body's mud as a pure white being and put Him at the house's door. She advised him not to let anyone enter while she was going for a shower inside.

She was sorely grieved when Gauri arrived to learn about this. To soothe her sorrow, Shiva instructed His servants to cut off and take to Him the head of any sleeping creature facing north. The servants went on their mission, finding in that place only an elephant. Therefore the sacrifice was produced and the head of the elephant was carried before Shiva. The Lord then joined the head of the elephant on Ganesha's body.

At the start of all undertakings, weddings, expeditions, surveys, etc., Lord Shiva created His son worthy of worship. He ordered Ganesha's annual worship to take place on the 4th day of Bhadrapada's bright half. The following are some of Lord Ganesha's popular names: Dhoomraketu, Sumukha, Ekadantha, Gajakarnaka, Lambodara, Vignaraja, Ganadhyaksha, Phalachandra, Gajanana, Vinayaka, Vakratunda, Surpakarna, Heramba, Skandapurvaja, Kapila, and Vigneshwara. Many people also call him Maha-Ganapathi.

Om Gung Ganapathaye Namah is his mantra. Repeat this Mantra or Om Sri Ganeshaya Namah by spiritual aspirants who worship Ganesha as their tutelary Deity.

Ganesha's Devotees also do Ganesha Gayatri Mantra's Japa. That's the way it goes.

Vakratundaaya dheemahi Tanno dhanti prachodayaat Tat purushaaya vidmahe.

Lord Ganesha is a wisdom and happiness embodiment. Ganesha is God's first. Riding on a mouse, one of the smallest creatures in nature and having an elephant's head, the largest of all animals, means that Ganesha is the creator of all creatures. Elephants are very smart creatures; this shows that Lord Ganesha is a wisdom embodiment. It also denotes the evolution process— the mouse gradually becomes an elephant and eventually becomes a person. This is why Ganesha has as his car a human body, the head of an elephant and a mouse. This is His form's symbolic philosophy. He is the Lord of Ganas or groups, e.g. groups of components, groups of senses, etc. He is the head of Shiva's disciples or Lord Shiva's heavenly servants.

Also, the Vaishnavas worship Lord Ganesha. They named him Tumbikkai Alwar, meaning the god with the proboscis (the trunk of the elephant).

The two forces of Lord Ganesha are the Kundalini and the Vallabha or love power.

He loves sweet pudding or rice flour balls with a sweet nucleus. He went around the house to house on one of His birthdays accepting the offerings of sweet puddings. Having consumed many of these, Seeing all this, there was a hearty laugh on the moon in the sky. The moon's unseemly behavior irritated him greatly, so he pulled one of his tusks out and thrust it against the moon, cursing that no one should look at the moon on the day of Ganesh Chaturthi. If anybody does, he'll certainly get a poor name, censorship, or ill-reputation. However, if by mistake somebody happens to look at the moon on this day, then the only way he can be liberated from the curse is to repeat or listen to the tale of how Lord Krishna cleared His personality about the Syamantaka jewel. The Srimad Bhagavatam quotes this tale. Lord Shiva said, "Beloved and wise Ganesha! But how can I offer you the award; you have not passed around the globe?" Ganesha answered, "No, but I have gone around my parents. My parents represent the whole formed universe!" Thus the dispute was resolved in favor of Lord Ganesha, who was later recognized as the two brothers ' elder. He was also given fruit by Mother Parvati as a reward for this win.

Ganesha is recognized with the Supreme Self in the Ganapathi Upanishad. The legends linked to Lord Ganesha are reported in the Brahma Vivartha Purana's Ganesha Khanda. Don't forget to look at that day's moon; remember it behaved uncomfortably toward the Lord. This really implies avoiding the business from this very day of all those who do not believe in God and who deride God, your Guru, and religion.

Take new spiritual resolutions and pray for internal spiritual strength to Lord Ganesha in order to achieve success in all your undertakings.

May Sri Ganesha's blessings be upon you all! May He remove all of your spiritual path's barriers! May He grant you all material prosperity and freedom!

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